Adventures — 04 November 2011
Gen Y Travel Blog Carnival: 14th Edition

We are so excited to be hosting the 14th edition of the Gen Y Travel Carnival.  Thanks must go out to Emily over at The Maiden Voyage for selecting us to host this month’s carnival.  It’s always great to get out there and discover new travel blogs, and to share them with our followers.  Additional thanks go out to the bloggers who submitted their great, insightful posts for this 14th edition.


Visit this portal to submit your posts for next month’s carnival!

After reading through several submissions and filtering out the spam, here are the selections for the 14th Gen Y Travel Carnival:

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Allison is traveling North America with her husband, Ted, and her two dogs, Mukha and Penny, in a 15 foot travel trailer named Charlotte. Perhaps she's a bit insane, but at least you can't call her boring.

(8) Readers Comments

  1. Thanks for hosting–you guys did a great job! I always love learning about new blogs and reading all of these awesome posts.

  2. Appreciate the inclusion. Off to promote all posts included in carnival. Spread the love.

  3. Soo cool! Thanks for the inclusion. :)

  4. Thanks for including us. Great list of posts here.

  5. Thank you for the inclusion. Looking forward to help promoting all the interesting posts in this carnival :)

  6. Thank you for the inclusion! I’ll help spread the word on all these interesting blogs.

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